Colour me happy 

 So this week, instead of going for a cup of tea in my local cafe as I normally do, I went and sat in the park and sketched what I saw. It was flipping freezing and very windy so it was a very quick drawing! I used my new (vintage but new for me)  Japanese Oil pastels by GuiTar : fantastic they are.   
  I hope you like it. I enjoy doing it and I’m starting to really enjoyed using lots of different colour techniques. I am learning some art history at the moment too and listening to our other artists manipulated colour to get their message across is really interesting. At the moment, I’m on Kandinsky and Mondrian. Get me, I almost sound like a student!

The picture below is a watercolour that I did the other evening rather than eat sweets. Away from this blog, I am trying to improve my eating habits in order to preserve my health that little bit longer. So, I think I will be doing way more drawing in the future as it keeps me away from the biscuit jar! However, I am not a saint so my wine did appear as a central character in my still life. The grains you can see are in fact salt. I’ve put it on to soak up some of the colour and like the way it looked so I photographed the picture before I brushed the salt off it. 

And finally, in this unusually long post for me, here’s a clue as to where I’m going next week… I’m expecting lots of water… Have you guessed yet?

Pass the Cornetto…


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